Support and Warranties

All our refurbished PCs are guaranteed for 2 years against malfunctions, breakdowns and sudden drops in performance. New parts are, in addition to that, guaranteed for 2 years by the manufacturer.


Learn more about the 2-year warranty for used or refurbished items

Nature of warranty

The warranty offered consists of a repair or a standard exchange of the defective part. If you do not wish to replace the part yourself, you can send the refurbished PC back to me for replacement.

6 month support

During the 6 months following the purchase of your Artefact, I am at your disposal to answer any technical questions and to provide you with support regarding the use of your second-hand gamer PC.

A professionally designed PC

The artefact will always be based on a refurbished professional range PC , which guarantees excellent assembly and component quality. In addition to being a guarantee of confidence, the PC cases of the professional range are very well thought out: there is no need to unscrew anything to access the components.

A professional-grade PC typically has a lifespan of 15 years. When I buy them to build an Artifact, they usually have 3 years of use behind them. Do the math 😉

PC delivered with an official Windows license

used windows 10 official gaming pc license
Intérieur de l'Artefact PC gamer d'occasion

100% secure payments

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2 year warranty

+ 6 month support

Eco-responsible approach

8kg less electronic waste

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