Artefact Silver and Gold, what are the differences?

Artefact offers you two ranges of refurbished gaming PCs at prices that are still under control! Artefact’s historical range, SILVER, is an excellent price/performance ratio. The GOLD range, for its part, brings a breath of fresh air, with more recent hardware and very high scalability towards more modern and more energy-efficient processor generations!

Who is it for?

Certain particular uses of a computer benefit enormously from more recent processors , which embed optimized calculation technologies , this is the main reason why we offer this GOLD range. These uses are limited but the main ones are:

  • Games on modern emulators (Wii U, Switch, PS3 etc.)
  • Flight or racing simulators ( Flight Simulator , iRacing etc.)
  • Recent CAD/CAO/MAO applications

Obviously, the GOLD range is not limited to that, and for a simple question of comfort and scalability, you can turn to these products 🙂

SILVER range

Lingots argent gamme silver

4th generation processor

Firestarter: Intel Pentium G3250 (@3.2GHz)

Ready2Play: Intel Core i3-4170 (@3.7GHz)

Gaming: Intel Core i5-4570 (@3.6GHz)

Hellforge: Intel Core i7-4770 (@3.9GHz)

RAM max. : 32GB DDR3 1600MHz

System hard drive: 2.5″ SSD on SATA port
(max. read rate 660MB/s)

Processor scalability: From Pentium to Core i7

GOLD range

Lingots or gamme gold

6th generation processor

Firestarter: Intel Pentium G4400 (@3.3GHz)

Ready2Play: Intel Core i3-6100 (@3.7GHz)

Gaming: Intel Core i5-6500 (@3.6GHz)

Hellforge: Intel Core i7-6700 (@4GHz)

RAM max. : 64GB DDR4 2133MHz

System hard drive: NVMe SSD on M.2 port
(max. read rate 3200MB/s)

Processor scalability: From Pentium to Core i7
compatible with 7th generation processors

And for the rest ?

For the rest of the PC, nothing changes: we apply the same time for each range of refurbished gaming PCs, use the same connectors, the same ATX PC cases and the same PC power supplies, of the same quality!

Choosing a range when you buy an Artifact is important, because it is impossible to change it after purchase! Indeed, motherboards are designed for one and only one processor connection (called a socket). You will therefore not be able to upgrade a SILVER Artifact to a GOLD Artifact .

100% secure payments

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2 year warranty

+ 6 month support

Eco-responsible approach

8kg less electronic waste

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