I want to upgrade my Artefact: how do I do it?

You have already purchased an Artifact, a refurbished gaming PC and we thank you for it! Time has passed and you want to upgrade your PC? That’s good, you can upgrade quickly and easily!

Which components are evolved in a PC upgrade?

In an Artefact refurbished PC upgrade, here is what is performed as services and component modifications:

  • The PC is cleaned and the thermal pastes changed or converted into thermal pads
  • The amount of RAM is changed to match that of the new Artifact model ordered
  • The processor is changed to match that expected in the new Artifact model ordered
  • The graphics card is changed to match those expected in the new Artifact model ordered
  • If the new hardware consumes more energy, then the power supply is changed to meet these new needs
  • If no secondary hard drive is present, a drive matching the one expected in the ordered Artifact model will be added

CAUTION: System hard drives ARE NOT MODIFIED during a PC upgrade!

STEP 1: Contact us

Contact us, through our Contact page , or by phone at to request your special upgrade promo code . This code, unique and nominative, will allow you to order your upgrade on our website effortlessly!

The amount of the special upgrade promotional code is equal to the initial amount of your Artefact, less 99€.

For example, for the purchase of an Artefact Gaming SILVER, worth €799, my special upgrade promo code is worth €700.

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STEP 2: Order your new PC

Once you have chosen your evolution, order it on the website! During the purchase procedure, enter your special upgrade promo code , the reduction will then apply: you only pay the difference between your current PC and its evolution!

For example, I have a SILVER Gaming Artefact and a special upgrade promo code worth €700. I would like to order an upgrade to the Artefact Hellforge SILVER, at the current price of 1299€. When ordering, I enter my promo code and will only have to pay the sum of 599€, corresponding to the amount of the evolution of my PC.

STEP 3: Send your PC

In a thick cardboard box, send your Artefact to be upgraded, well protected (wrapped in bubble wrap or protected by polystyrene for example), accompanied by your order number, to the following address:

22 avenue du Louron

As soon as we receive your PC, we will carry out the tests allowing us to validate your upgrade. If the PC does not work after unboxing, we will contact you.

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