How to choose a good refurbished PC case?

A case adapted to the components and scalable

How do we choose refurbished PC bases?

We have decided at the end of 2021 to choose ourselves the most suitable reconditioned professional PC bases for each order according to the criteria of each of our customers.

Specific selection criteria

When an order is placed with Artefact, we choose the PC base best suited to the customer’s needs . This choice is made on several criteria:

  • The size of the graphics card used
  • The power supply required for the configuration ordered
  • PC base stock availability
  • The range of product ordered

The bases of refurbished professional PCs used at Artefact

Flexibility and scalability

New ATX case and refurbished motherboard

In most cases, we opt for a hand-assembled refurbished gaming PC with hand-picked refurbished components. The combination of a refurbished motherboard and a new ATX case means that no electronic waste is generated and there is still plenty of space for all the component models! Buying a PC in a classic ATX case is a great way to avoid electronic waste, as we buy new company stock! The little retro touch on top is a gift 😉

M@trix ATX PC case
Fujitsu Esprimo P420 reconditionné
Small but strong!

Fujitsu Esprimo P420/520

The Fujitsu Esprimo P420 is an excellent value for money, which is why we often offer it as an entry-level model, with a graphics card that is sufficient for playing online games. The P520 variant allows you to use up to 32GB of RAM!

The undisputed

HP ProDesk 600/800 G1

The HP ProDesk 600 G1 has a sober and elegant design, immense scalability, a good power supply with excellent performance, which is why we turn to this versatile model whenever we have the opportunity. Its only weakness: it has little room for a high-end graphics card!

The big brother with innovative design

Fujitsu Esprimo P720/920

The Fujitsu Esprimo P720 combines the advantages of the P420 and the Z230, which is quite something! A case that can accommodate large graphics cards, an excellent scalability with its 32 GB of possible RAM, its only flaw is that it keeps a weak 280W power supply, which we obviously modify if necessary.

The highly scalable professional PC

HP Workstation Z230

With its 400W power supply and large space for very large graphics cards, the HP Z230 is undoubtedly one of the most upgradeable bases we offer. A long but ultimately space-saving case with a solid and practical design, the Z230 is one of the best bases for a PC that will often evolve.

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